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Monday-----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Tuesday-----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Wednesday------------7:30a - 4:15p

Thursday----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Friday--------------------7:30a - 4:15p

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Hours of Operation

St. James

Monday-----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Tuesday-----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Wednesday------------8:00a - 4:15p

Thursday----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Friday--------------------8:00a - 4:15p



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As many of you know, we at Didion Orf Recycling purchase metals and electronics by the weight of the material. Below, you will find links to our price sheets so that you can view our current pricing for both facilities. All pricing is subject to change depending on current market conditions for each commodity. However, Didion Orf Recycling promises to always offer competitive prices to ensure that our customers get as much value from their visit as possible.

We guarantee our prices are always competitive and fair! Our service is great too!


Questions on Prices?

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St. Peters


St. James


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* For current FERROUS prices, please click

                   Here, you will find our prices for all steel/iron material!





* For current NON-FERROUS prices

                   Pricing for copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and lead.






* For current ELECTRONICS prices, please click here.

                    Prices for batteries, computers, laptops, cell phones, circuit boards, etc. can be found on this link.  Know that there are some negative value items on this sheet like CRTs and microwaves.



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* St. Peters location only

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