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Didion Orf Recycling Inc


14090 Dillon Outer Rd.

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Hours of Operation


Monday-----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Tuesday-----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Wednesday------------7:30a - 4:15p

Thursday----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Friday--------------------7:30a - 4:15p

Saturday--------------8:00a - 11:45a


Hours of Operation

St. James

Monday-----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Tuesday-----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Wednesday------------8:00a - 4:15p

Thursday----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Friday--------------------8:00a - 4:15p



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Cast iron

Clean auto cast


May contain motor blocks free of pistons, carburetors, flywheel housing and any other aluminum. This also includes rotors and brake drums.

Crushed cast shall consist solely of motor blocks, heads, and attachments. Cast Iron shall be sufficiently degreased and rusted to allow the removal of non-ferrous materials.


Mixed cast iron


Cast iron boiler sections. Hot water radiators, municipal castings, underground pipe of non ductile and ductile origin. No cast columns, burnt scrap, alloyed cast, gearboxes or motor blocks.

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Equipment we can provide

Ferrous metal scraps

There isn't a competitor for miles that will recycle your ferrous metal as proficiently as us.

- Roll off boxes; 20 yards - 40 yards

- Lugger boxes; 15 yards - 30 yards

- 45 foot long open top trailers

- Flat bed trailers

- 4x4 totes

What jobs need a container?

- Manufacturing shops

- Machine shops

- Cities or municipalities

- Construction sites

- HVAC contractors

- Demolition


Dirty motors

Automobile or truck motors from which steel and non-ferrous fittings may or may not have been removed. These should exclude drive shafts and all parts of the frame.

Plate and structural

Please cut structural and plate scrap to 5 feet and under. Please clean open-hearth steel plates, structural shapes, crop ends, or broken steel tires. Dimensions should be not less than 1/4 inch thickness, not over 5 feet in length, and 18 inches in width. Phosphorus or sulfur content should not exceed 0.05 percent.

Prepared steel

Please bring wrought iron and steel scrap, black and galvanized, maximum size 36 x 18 inches. May include automobile scrap, properly prepared, but should be free of sheet iron or thin gauged material.


Sheet iron

Please bring all appliances and automobiles. Also bring any light gauge steel or tin with heavy rust or foreign material attached such as insulation, plastic, glass, rubber. Also bring non-steel metallic material (non-ferrous) attached such as copper, aluminum, die cast, stainless steel, and brass.

Steel clip

New production material must be less than 1/4 inch in thickness.  It must not contain excessive rust, tar, or foreign materials of any sort.  There are no size requirements for this material.  Material may consist of steel studs, steel banding, and new tin from a commercial building or barn.


Steel turning/chips

Please bring clean steel or wrought iron turnings free of iron borings or non-ferrous metals in a free state, scale, or with excessive oil. May not include badly rusted or corroded stock. Should be free of matted or tangled material.

Unprepared steel

Please bring wrought iron and steel scrap, black and galvanized. It should be in excess of 36 x 18 inches. It may include automobile scrap, properly prepared. However, it should be free of sheet iron or thin gauged material.


Did you know??

  • Ferrous metals are one of the most recylced materials in the world

  • Almost 40% of the worlds steel production is made from scrap

  • Recycling steel uses around 75% less energy compared to creating steel from raw materials( enough to power about 18  million homes).