Didion Orf Recycling - Contact Us - St Peters, MO

206 Didion Dr.

Saint Peters, MO 63376

Didion Orf Recycling Inc


14090 Dillon Outer Rd.

St. James, MO 65559

Hours of Operation


Monday-----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Tuesday-----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Wednesday------------7:30a - 4:15p

Thursday----------------7:30a - 4:15p

Friday--------------------7:30a - 4:15p

Saturday--------------8:00a - 11:45a


Hours of Operation

St. James

Monday-----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Tuesday-----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Wednesday------------8:00a - 4:15p

Thursday----------------8:00a - 4:15p

Friday--------------------8:00a - 4:15p



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Railroad Closure use alternative route

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Don't wait any longer.


If you're going to take advantage of the scrap metal that you've been holding on to, then you have to get off your computer and bring that scrap to us. We'll give you an honest assessment of what it's worth and get you on your way in no time.



If you would like to request a price sheet please leave your information in the space provided to the right.

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